Love of Running

I still think it’s pretty crazy that I can call myself a marathoner, because mentally I’m still a happy 5ker.

Running is amazing for my fitness but also provides me with active meditation, therapy, friendships and something to look forward to each day. It’s also something to share with my husband, as he enjoys the sport too.  I just love everything about it – even the very early freezing mornings that end with a hot coffee and an Epsom salt bath.

To explain how I got here, we have to rewind 24 years to when I started working in the gym industry as a receptionist. That receptionist role evolved into membership sales associate, then gym supervisor. I took up spinning instruction on the side, because I loved to teach these classes. It was such a great workout and such fun people!

I worked at the gym for 10 years, but eventually moved on to an office job with more opportunity. Sitting static at a desk for hours did not do me any good, and it wasn’t long before I took up running on my own or with friends. I continued this for years with a bunch of fun 5k races.

Once I had kids, everything stopped. I tried a few times but it just never stuck…until one day it did! My kids were much older and in school full time freeing up my afternoons to run. I restarted my running with the run/walk method and got my distance back up to a happy and easy 5k.

I was super-content with this distance until a new friend convinced me to set the bar higher and run a 10k race. In the summer of 2015 I ran my first 10k race and felt like a super star. I was hooked, people!

Over the next year, I finished a 1/2 marathon, then a 30k race and finally a full marathon. 2017 will be my second year of distance running, and I still feel absolutely incredible.

So ya, that’s my story. I’m just going to keep chugging till my body says it’s had enough!

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